Dirt Platoon – Second Brokest (Dj Brans Remix, Cuts Dj Djaz)

by Dj Low Cut



Extract from "France's Finest NY Minute Remix" also featuring remix track of Dj Low Cut's "NY Minute" album by Al'Tarba, Dj Brans, Astronaute, Flev, I.N.C.H., Grim Reaperz, Ugly Tony, Mistamaff, Crown & Ghetto Blaster. Cuts by Dj Nix'On, Dj Djaz, Chinch33, Dj Proteck, Dj Family Tiz.
+ exclusive bonus tracks featuring Dirt Platoon, Lord Lhus, Raf Almighty and B.A.M. & M-Dot.


released March 18, 2013



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